Developing Agritainment

Local residents know that millions of visitors flock to Florida to visit its beaches, theme parks, and other attractions each year. But many locals don’t know there are fun activities close to home. Agritainment—a variation of agritourism—attracts local residents to farm activities, such as picking strawberries, visiting farm animals, or getting lost in a corn maze. Although it may sound like a new term, agritainment has been an  More»

What Is the Invasion Curve?

Understand the invasion curve, which shows how removing invasive species becomes more difficult with time. More...  More»

Credit Scores & Reports

When it comes to managing your credit, it is important to keep track of both your credit score and credit report. Your credit report tracks your credit history, while your credit score is a calculation and prediction of your credit risk for lenders. Credit Scores Your credit score is a number that will range from 300 to 850. A low score tells lenders you would be a high risk, poor choice for giving credit. This number is based on a formula that  More»

Plant of the Month: Basil

Find out why basil, a popular herb, is the featured plant this month. More...  More»

Outdoor Recreation: Places to Go, Things to See

Enjoying the outdoors can be as simple as going for a walk in a neighborhood park or riding your bike down a local greenway. Florida’s diverse ecosystems allow us to learn more about our environment while also enjoying physical activity. Both exercise and exposure to nature go hand in hand for increasing our mental and physical health. Families that participate in activities together can benefit in many ways, such as communicating better and  More»

Renovating Gardens

Take your garden to the next level with these renovation tips from UF/IFAS horticulturist Erin Alvarez.  More»